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How to Brew Coffee With a Chemex

Coffee Brewing Guidelines

At Boulder Organic Coffee we believe that coffee is more than the beverage that you start your day with, it is a taste experience. It continues to amaze us that you can brew the same coffee in different apparatuses and bring out unique qualities that each method highlights. We believe that coffee brewing is a science and we encourage experimenting to your personal taste preference 

Remember These 6 Factors that Affect Your Brew

how to brew with a chemex
  • Coffee Particle Size
  • Water Temperature
  • Contact Time
  • Agitation
  • Heat Retention
  • Coffee-to-Water Ratio


If you believe there is science behind brewing the best cup the Chemex brew is for you. It produces a well-balanced perfectly brewed coffee that will bring out the perfect balance of flavors. We recommend using our single origin coffee to extract the best flavor nuances.

What You’ll Need

What you need

Total Time

  • 4 Minute Brew


How to Brew Coffee With a Chemex
  • Fill kettle with filtered water and begin heating.
  • Place your folded filter into the Chemex with the tri-fold spout-side and rinse with hot water. 
  • Swirl the water in the Chemex to heat the vessel and place on the scale. Tare scale to zero out the weight.
  • Grind 42 grams of coffee to a course grind and add to the Chemex. Tare scale to zero out the weight.
  • Into the center, gently pour 200° F water to soak all of the grounds (approximately 84 grams)
  • After 15-20 seconds the bloom will peak, resume a gentle center pour, keeping the dripper half full.
  • Your target water weight is 680 grams. Use your last 30 grams to pour in a circle around the edge to draw down all of the grounds together.
  • Swirl coffee to mix the flavors and ENJOY!