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About Us

About Boulder Organic Coffee

Inspired by the beautiful flatirons, beautiful culinary innovations stem from Boulder, Colorado.  The Boulder Community continues to hold the reputation for breaking through the food and beverage industry with natural and organic quality. Boulder Organic Coffee found its beginning in this community with the principle using Organic and Fair Trade coffees that fit the lifestyle of appreciation of food and beverage along with the care for what goes into your body.

Boulder Organic Coffee began locally, with a team of artisan roasters who wanted more from their coffee. Over 20 years later, we still do. While we started with a small presence both online and in Boulder, CO, word got out fast and we quickly found ourselves in grocery retail on the West Coast. Over the years, coffee drinkers everywhere have been loyal to Boulder Organic Coffees for our commitment to quality, sustainability, education, and transparency.

Boulder Organic Coffee is part of the Luna Gourmet Family of Brands.  

Socially Responsible, Ethically Sourced & Artfully Crafted Coffee

We are always giving back and forging relationships in every community where we source our Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified coffee beans.  Taking care to protect the world's most cherished coffee growing regions, from Guatemala to Ethiopia, in order to produce world-class coffee with worldwide impact.  All of our coffees are Roasted at Altitude over 5,000 feet, allowing for shorter roast times that help us maintain the flavor of the coffee region.


Supporting Sustainable & Ethical Agriculture