Boulder Espresso, Fair Trade & Organic

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This Fair-Trade-Organic Espresso Coffee is dark roasted in a traditional southern Italian style, producing an oily, deep brown coffee bean that results in a perfect shot (or cup) that is syrupy sweet with a full crema and smooth, smoky finish. Our Boulder Espresso Coffee is a blend of Indonesia, South America, and Central America coffees.

These coffees were blended together by our Roastmaster to create a coffee that is perfect for any occasion. Because each coffee bean is unique, this coffee is roasted and tasted two times a week by our roasting team to ensure the coffee quality and taste is perfect.

Roast Dark Roast
Taste Smooth & Sweet, Smoky, Cocoa Nibs
Process Wet Hulled, Washed
Varietal Typica, Catimor, Bourbon & Caturra
Altitude 1100m - 1800m
Size 12oz
Certification Fair Trade & USDA Organic Certified


Indonesia is one of the finest coffee growing countries in the world. In fact, Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producer in the world. In 2014 alone, the country produced 540,000 metric tons of coffee that was then exported around the world. All of our Indonesia coffees are grown on the Island of Sumatra. Sumatra is known for two things, the processing of the beans and the taste of the beans. Indonesia coffees are processed using a method called wet-hulling. Wet-hulling coffee is a process where the coffee is hulled and then left out to dry with the coffee pulp still surrounding the bean. After a day of drying the coffee is washed, to remove the pulp, then dried until it is ready to be shipped. This process is part of the reason that Indonesia coffees have such a unique taste. Indonesia coffees have a taste that is big bodied, earthy, herbal, and syrupy sweet. No other coffees in the world have flavors that are this unique and complex.   

South America produces more coffee than any other continent globally, with Brazil producing nearly one-third of the world’s coffee alone. As a roaster, we purchase several different South America coffees because of their unique taste and qualities. South America coffees are primarily the world’s finest bean type, Arabica. These Arabica beans are fully-washed which helps bring out the complexity of the coffee. Fully-washed coffee is run through a pulper machine, to remove the cherry, and then put in water where it ferments for 48 hours. This process adds a certain intensity to the natural coffee bean flavor that we think is un-matched. Our South America coffees have a taste that is full bodied, with subtle chocolatey and nutty undertones.

Central America is known for producing some of the world’s premium coffee. Each country produces coffee that is used by first-class coffee roasters all across the world. Central America coffees are such high quality because of the environments they are able to grow in. Whether it is grown in the rich volcanic soil of Guatemala or at altitude in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico, Central America coffees are perfect for any coffee lover who can appreciate the many nuances that coffee can provide. Central America coffees have a smoky taste that consists of fruits, graham, almonds, and caramel. Our Fair Trade Organic Coffees from Central America help take this blend to the next level by making the tasting notes more intense and complex.  

All Boulder Organic Coffees are offered as whole bean. This coffee roasts on Thursday and ships on Friday.


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