Sumatra Fair Trade & Organic

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Known for its rugged tropical terrain and smoldering volcanoes in the western-most island of Indonesia, journey across the world with this Fair-Trade Organic coffee, and discover the earthy, deep, complex and full-bodied nature of this medium-roast.

Medium Roast 
Taste Full-bodied, Earthy, Herbal Flavors, Sweet
Process Wet-Hulled
Varietal Typica, Catimor, Bourbon
Region Aceh
Altitude 1400-1500
Size 12oz
Certifications Fair Trade & USDA Organic Certified 

Fair-Trade Organic Sumatra is sourced from the Koperasi Pertanian Gayo Megah Berseri, (or translated to Cooperative Agriculture Gayo Megah Berseri) produces this coffee from the northern part of the island in the Aceh region.

True to the blue label of this medium-roast, Sumatran coffee, at its picking, has a beautiful deep-blue color with the appearance of jade. Among coffee-producing countries, Sumatra is a remarkable sort of outlier: Though the Pacific island came to grow coffee because of European influence like much of the rest of the "New World," the coffees produced in this region are special and specific to the terroir, traditions, and culture of Sumatra.

The majority of coffee produced in Indonesia is processed in a manner often called "wet-hulled" or "semi-washed," and occasionally referred to by the Bahasa term giling basah. Coffee treated in this manner are often de-pulped on a farm after picking, then overnight-fermented in tanks, sacks, or other containers in order to soften the mucilage layer, which is washed off; because of the sort of "pile fermentation" style of preparation employed, the parchment layer remains wet, and is hulled, or removed, while they are still at a high moisture content.

All Boulder Organic Coffee is offered as whole bean. This coffee roasts on Thursday and ships on Friday.

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