Ethiopia Sidamo, Natural Process, Fair Trade & Organic

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Fair-Trade Organic Natural Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is a light-roasted coffee grown in the Sidamo Province of Ethiopia. This Ethiopian coffee is prized for its honeysuckle aroma, fruity tasting notes, lemony acidity and full body. This flavor profile is made possible because of how the coffee is processed as well as the Sidamo region's excellent soil, ideal climate, and high elevation.


Light Roast


Honeysuckle Aroma, Lemon Acidity, Fruity Notes, Full Body






1900m - 2300m




Fair Trade & USDA Organic Certified 

This natural coffee was produced by the OROMIA coffee co-op in Ethiopia. This co-op has 254,000 total members that contribute to picking and processing coffee in this region. Since 2002, this co-op has been Fair Trade certified by Fair Trade USA.

Over the past couple of years, OROMIA has made several investments into their community to help the regions education, infrastructure, access to potable water, and health care. OROMIA believes that children have a right to education, which is why they have invested over $50,000 into the regions education systems. Another large focus of OROMIA over the past year was the region's access to potable water. In an effort to improve the sanitation and hygiene of the environment, and to promote a healthy productive community, OROMIA invested over $47,000 to the regions potable water. We take great pride in our partnership with the OROMIA co-op.

All Boulder Organic Coffee is offered as whole bean. This coffee roasts on Thursday and ships on Friday.

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