Uganda Kaproron Honey, RFA & Organic

$ 15.50

In the fertile volcanic soils surrounding the Mount Elgon Volcano, we discovered an exceptional microlot. This Rainforest Alliance Ugandan Honey-Processed Coffee is bursting with flavor - the grapefruit acidity is complemented with fruity strawberry and plum notes. The rich, velvety body also has a honey-like sweetness with a syrupy butterscotch finish. 

 Roast Light to Medium Roast
Taste  Honey sweetness with juicy strawberry and plum notes, grapefruit acidity, and a syrupy butterscotch finish.
Process Honey Processed
Varietal Jamaican & Bourbon SL14 & 18 Cultivars
Region Kaproron, Kween District, Uganda
Altitude 1900m
Size 12oz 
Certifications Rainforest Alliance & USDA Organic 


This coffee roasts on Thursday's and ships on Friday's.

All Boulder Organic Coffee is offered as whole bean.

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