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How to Brew Coffee With a Pour Over

Coffee Brewing Guidelines

At Boulder Organic Coffee we believe that coffee is more than the beverage that you start your day with, it is a taste experience. It continues to amaze us that you can brew the same coffee in different apparatuses and bring out unique qualities that each method highlights. We believe that coffee brewing is a science and we encourage experimenting to your personal taste preference 

Remember These 6 Factors that Affect Your Brew

How to Brew Coffee With a Pour Over
  • Coffee Particle Size
  • Water Temperature
  • Contact Time
  • Agitation
  • Heat Retention
  • Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Check out our brewing methods to get you started on experiencing the best fresh Fair Trade and Organic Coffee.


Pour Overs are best for the mornings when you are craving a more complex cup. We recommend using our single-origin coffee to extract the best flavor nuances.

What You’ll Need

How to Brew Coffee With a Pour Over

Total Time

  • 3 Minute Brew


  • How to Brew Coffee With a Pour OverFill kettle with filtered water, start heating and bring it to 200° F. 
  • Grind 20 grams of coffee beans to a medium grind.
  • Fold the seams of the filter, place in dripper and rinse thoroughly with hot water.
  • Place cup onto scale and then put the dripper on top of the cup. Tare to zero out weight.
  • Add 20 grams of medium grind coffee to the filter and tare to zero out weight.
  • Start pouring water gently and directly into the center of the filter, adding just enough water to saturate the grounds.
  • After 15-20 seconds your bloom will start peaking, continue pouring into the center of the coffee bed, keeping the dripper half full. 
  • Your target weight is 340 grams. 
  • Stir your cup to mix the flavors and ENJOY!