Foothills Blend, Fair Trade & Organic

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This Fair-Trade-Organic coffee is a bright and full-bodied medium roast of Africa, Central America, South America and Indonesia Coffees that awakens the senses with hints of cocoa and Indonesian spice. Foothills Blend is a perfect breakfast blend for any coffee drinker.

A portion of proceeds from each of our Peruvian single origin and coffee blends sold will benefit the rebuilding of the school in one of our Peruvian farming communities. To learn more about the project, please visit

Every week the Boulder Organic Coffee Roastmaster roasts and tastes this coffee to ensure its great taste is unchanged and unique. The Foothills Blend was created by our Roastmaster to be the perfect breakfast blend for any coffee connoisseur.  

 Roast  Medium Roast
Taste Bright Acidity, Spices, Citrus Fruits, Roasted Nuts
Origins Africa, Indonesia, South America, Central America 
Roastmaster's Comment A breakfast blend to start your day in the rolling foothills
Size  12oz
Certifications Fair Trade & USDA Certified Organic


Indonesia is one of the finest coffee growing countries in the world because of its varying landscapes and geography. Indonesia has 13,000 islands that are all unique and great for growing Arabica coffee beans. In fact, there are nearly 100 genetic varieties of Arabica coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans are commonly grown at altitudes between 600 meters and 2200 meters which helps give Arabica coffee beans their unique taste. Our Indonesian coffees have a taste that is big bodied, earthy, herbal, and syrupy sweet. No other coffees in the world have flavors that are this unique and complex.  

South America coffees are some of the most fascinating and complex coffees in the world. That is why; our Roastmaster loves to put coffees from South America in our different blends. This blend in particular has our Peruvian coffee in it. Peruvian coffee cherries are shade grown and then handpicked by farmers from May to September when they are ripe. After the cherries are handpicked they are fully-washed, which is the process of running the coffee through a pulper machine, to remove the cherry, and then put in water where it ferments for 48 hours. This process adds certain intensity to the natural coffee bean flavor that we think is un-matched. Our South American coffees have a taste that is full bodied, with subtle chocolaty and nutty undertones.

Central America coffee, in general, produces a very consistent washed Arabica coffee bean. There are distinct differences from country to country as you move south from Mexico to Panama when it comes to the coffee processing style, but the taste stays consistent. With that being said, there are also very defined and unique micro-climates in each country that produces distinctly different coffees and profiles. Guatemalan and Mexican coffees are extremely popular, but you can find exceptional coffees in both of these countries. Our Fair Trade Organic Coffees from Central America help take this blend to the next level by making the tasting notes more intense and complex.  

Africa coffee is known for having some of the world’s most exquisite Arabica coffee beans. The dramatically high elevations and lush soil conditions are optimal for the cultivation of premium coffee. With that being said, there are significant differences between countries in the region; however, in general, washed African Arabica coffees are bright, balanced and contain a citrus, berry, winy or floral essence. One country that we get most of our coffees from, is Ethiopia. This means that the coffee is grown and picked at altitudes between 1500 meters and 2000 meters. After the coffee is picked, it is processed using the wet-processed method. This method involves removing the coffee cherry from the bean by hand before it is steeped in water and cleaned. African coffees are a great addition to the Foothills blend because of the flavors that they bring to the coffee.

All Boulder Organic Coffees are offered as whole bean. This coffee roasts on Thursday and ships on Friday.

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