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Guatemala Fair Trade & Organic
Guatemala Fair Trade & Organic
Guatemala Fair Trade & Organic
Guatemala Fair Trade & Organic
Guatemala Fair Trade & Organic
Guatemala Fair Trade & Organic
Guatemala Fair Trade & Organic

Guatemala Fair Trade & Organic

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Grown in the remote, mountainous highlands of western Guatemala, this Fair-Trade Organic medium-roasted coffee is full-bodied and smooth with a mild, floral acidity and a well-rounded finish.

Roast Medium Roast
Taste Dark Fruits, Smoky, Roasted Almonds
Origin Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Varietal Bourbon, Caturra
Altitude 1600m - 1800m
Size 12oz
Certifications Fair Trade & USDA Organic Certified

All Boulder Organic Coffees are offered as whole bean.

In midst of the mountains of Sierra de los Chuchamantes, Concepcion Huista produces coffees with distinctive qualities formed by high altitude microclimates. Boulder Organic Coffee sources from two of the higher altitude associations-- ADPIY and ADAT, which collect coffees from farms in the Canalaj and O'ejnhah communities that are prized for their milk chocolate and ripe fruit flavors, as well as their balanced acidity.

From Fair Trade, USA: The Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desar Concepcion Huista (CODECH) is an organization uniting seven coffee cooperatives in the remote, mountainous highlands of western Guatemala. In this isolated region, access to education and healthcare is limited, and, in 2000, a group of small farmers founded the organization to promote socio-economic development for their communities.

Today, CODECH uses their premiums to fund an organic soil program, a health program, and for gender education. Recently, a group of women within the coop formed a women’s group to address gender inequality in their communities. Their most cherished goal is to earn enough money to fund their children’s education—boys and girls alike.

Each coffee bean is unique so we hand-roast each batch of this coffee and it gets cupped and tasted by our roasting team to ensure the coffee quality and taste is perfect.

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