Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Fair Trade & Organic

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Widely considered the birthplace of coffee, this lively African light roast has a rich, full, cocoa body that is bright with acidity and citrus zest.

 Roast Light Roast
Taste  Floral Aroma, Light Body, Blueberry, Citrus Notes 
Process Washed
Varietal Various Heirloom
Region Gedeo, Southern Ethiopia
Altitude 1700m - 1900m
Size 12oz 
Certifications Fair Trade & USDA Organic 


Fair-Trade Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe's floral tones are created thanks to wet-processing. Once the coffee cherries are harvested and still moist from the nutrients of the Coffea Arabica plant, the cherry is washed off to remove the skin and pulp of the fruit. This eliminates the chances of off-tastes from overripe or fermented coffee cherries which would destruct the flavor of the bean.

Produced largely from the rarest heirlooms in the world and ones that aren’t found in many North American countries, Fair-Trade Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is sourced from the southern part of Ethiopia in the Gedeo region. The Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperatives Union (YCFCU) is comprised of over 43,000 farmers and was established in June 2002. This Agricultural-based Ethiopian economy highly depends on Arabica coffee as it contributes to more than 60% of the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

This coffee roasts on Thursday's and ships on Friday's.

All Boulder Organic Coffee is offered as whole bean.

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