Boulder Organic Coffee offers a wide variety of Certified Fair Trade and organic coffees and teas, as well as a host of specialty grade conventional coffees, teas, syrups and sauces. Please click on the tabs for these product categories for a current list of our offerings.

Whether you are a coffee shop, restaurant, grocery store or food service distributor, Boulder Organic Coffee can tailor a customized solution to meet the needs of your customer base.

Why organic?

Organic coffee beans are cleaner, more natural, and even healthier without genetic engineering and other invasive methods of cultivation. In addition, being free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, they are safer for our people who work with them and for the environment we all share. Our organic products have strict production requirements and exclude methods and substances that harm people and the earth. Our certification is overseen by the USDA National Organic Program.

Why Fair Trade?

Small coffee farmers are often caught in a system that pays them virtually nothing for their crops, while middlemen exploit their condition and keep them in a cycle of debt and poverty. Sourcing Fair Trade coffee means partnering with a global, socially-conscious community involving 300 Fair Trade cooperatives that represent 550,000 farmers and their families from Latin America, Asia, and Africa. This helps ensure that farming families can live a happy life, free from abuse, within a system that we can all be proud to be part of.